LEMONADE | LIMONATA (original title)

2015 | Comedy, Drama |101 min

MNS Film, Turkey; Sektor Film, Macedonia

A dying father begs his son to find a previously unrecognized other sprout in Turkey and bring it to his deathbed. When the brother, who was found after a long search, refuses this request, he is summarily abducted and shipped to Macedonia in an old Trabi.

Directed by: Ali Atay

Screenplay by: Ali Atay & Ertan Saban

Cinematography by: Ahmet Sesisgürgil

Produced by: Nurgul Sirmen, Suhan Cebeci, Vladimir Anastasov

Ertan Saban - Sakip

Serkan Keskin - Selim

Funda Eryigit - Nihal

Luran Ahmeti - Fuat

Bedija Begovska - Sakip'in Annesi

Deniz Abdula - Bulgarian Showman