HAYDE BRE | HAYDE BRE (original title)

2010 | Drama |120 min

Kardes Sanatlar Film Production, Turkey; Sektor Film, Macedonia

Leading an ordinary life with his wife and friends in a small Macedonian village, Şaban Agha is stuck between country and city life after his life unexpectedly coincides with Saadet, a woman with three kids and a paralyzed husband. 

Upon her consistent requests to move to Istanbul, Şaban Agha moves there despite his reluctance. Adjusting to the rules and order of city life becomes impossible for him and he still considers himself a guest in Istanbul, not knowing that the home he longs for is already gone.

Directed by: Orhan Oğuz

Screenplay by: Orhan Oğuz

Cinematography by: Adnan Güler

Produced by: Yasemin Küçükçavdar Güler, Vladimir Anastasov

Şevket Emrulla - Şabanaga 
Nilüfer Açıkalın - Saadet
İlker Inanoğlu - Cemil 
Mustafa Yaşar - Vanya
Perihan Tuna Eyupi - Mamo
Luran Ahmeti - Manko
Suzan Kardeş - Avuş
Ayberk Koçar - Orhan
Ay Doğa Vardar - Emine
Çağla Su Vardar - Cemile
Ertan Saban - Konuk Oyuncu Osman