GODFATHER | KRESTNIY (original title)

2014 | Drama |190 min

Mars Media Entertainment, Russia; 8 episodes (48 minutes each)

Former military doctor Ilya Alekhin - an obstetrician from God.

During the war in Kosovo, he was the only one who helped the Serb women in labor, becoming "godmother" for their children. But in peacetime, hundreds of women still need his help. Alekhin agrees to participate in a scientific and medical experiment, the purpose of which is to help an unidentified girl born in a coma to be born to a child.

But unlike his ambitious colleagues who dream of receiving the Nobel Prize, Alekhin does not go for it for fame or money. For him, the only important thing is a child who needs the help.

Directed by: Timur Alpatov

Cinematography by: Yury Kokoshkin