VIA CARPATIA | (original title)

2018 | Drama |75 min

MD4, Poland / Heaven's Gate, Czech Republic / Sektor Film, Macedonia / Sales Agent IKH Pictures Promotion

Julia and Piotr are a well-situated, middle-class married couple entertaining the idea of a dream holiday. At the request of Piotr’s mother, however, the pair set out instead on a trip across the Balkans, heading for a refugee camp on the Macedonian-Greek border.


Klara Kochańska, winner of a Student Academy Award for her short film Tenants (Future Frames at KVIFF 2016), returns to Karlovy Vary with an intimate, independent road movie which stands out for its subtle performances and quasi-documentary authenticity. The protagonists of the film, which was co-directed by Kasper Bajon, are forced to leave their comfort zone and take a closer look at the situation of refugees in contemporary Europe, something they have only encountered thus far sitting on their sofa watching television.

Directed by: Klara Kochańska & Kasper Bajon

Screenplay by: Kasper Bajon, Klara Kochańska, Julia Kijowska, Piotr Borowski podle námětu / based on an idea by Kasper Bajon

Cinematography by: Zuza Kernbach & Julian A. Ch. Kernbach

Produced by: Agnieszka Kurzydło, Viktor Tauš, Vladimir Anastasov, Angela Nestorovska

Julia Kijowska

Piotr Borowski

Bajram Severdžan

Dorota Pomykała

2018: 53. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, East of West - Competition