MOVE ON | (original title)

2012 | Drama/Thriller |140 min

Move On is a road movie inspired by film fans from all over Europe! This breath-taking movie enabled by Deutsche Telekom, director Asger Leth and screenwriter Matt Grennhaulgh managed to create one unique story out of thousands of ideas, shared by this huge community.

An agent finds himself traveling through eight European countries as he tries to escape from his own past and the people who will stop at nothing to obtain the mysterious silver suitcase that he needs to deliver.


In this participatory road movie, Mads Mikkelsen plays a secret agent who travels through a total of eight countries attempting to deliver a mysterious case to a destination unknown to him. Alexandra Maria Lara, playing his boss, guides him on his way through a series of cryptic messages.


From pre-production through to the shooting of the film, cinema buffs from 11 European countries had the opportunity to actively shape elements of the road movie. They were involved in aspects ranging from designing the posters and performing in minor supporting parts or as extras. Several thousand people applied online, submitting their film clips and sound recordings for assessment. The best contributions were incorporated into Move On, thus giving the film a unique character, and many of the winners were even on set during filming. During the shooting of Move On, leading actor Mads Mikkelsen travelled for 49 days, together with director Asger Leth and the entire film crew, from the Netherlands to Macedonia. The trip then culminated with a grand finale in Berlin where Alexandra Maria Lara met up with the team of agents.

Directed by: Asger Leth

Screenplay by: Matt Greenhalgh

Cinematography by: Philippe Kress

Produced by: Andre Bause - supervisor producer / Tom de Mol, Suza Horvat - producers / Jacob Raben, Michael Schmid - executive producers / Istvan Major - producer: Hungary & Slovakia / Igor A. Nola - producer: Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia Nina Redzepagic - co-producer: Montenegro /Vladimir Anastasov - co-producer: Macedonia  

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Mads Mikkelsen - Mark

Gabriela Marcinkova - Agent

Alexandra maria Lara - Lena

Karl Fischer - Contact