BUGS | БУБАЧКИ (original title)

2004 | Drama |15 min

What becomes of a young man who lives entirely in his own world? Melancholy and powerful images bring back memories from the boy's past while revealing his contemplation on the present.

Directed by: Igor Ivanov

Screenplay by: Igor Ivanov

Cinematography by: Tomi Salkovski

Produced by: Vladimir Anastasov

Georgji Krstevski - Petar (Child)

Vladimir Jachev - The Switchman

Labina Mitevska - The Mother

Oliver Mitkovski- Petar (Adult)

Jelena Bogojevic - The Girl

Petar Mirchevski - The Factory Supervisor




- 54. Berlin International Film Festival BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – BERLINALE, Germany (2004), Nomination for Golden Bear (Official Short Film Competition);


Golden Leopard for the best Short Film, Official Award for best Short Film in the program Leopards of Tomorrow/East of the Mediterranean;

-14. St. Petersburg International Film Festival -“MESSAGE TO MAN”, Russia (2004) - Award for Outstanding Film Achievement;

- 52. BELGRADE DOCUMENTARY AND SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, Serbia (2005), Golden Medal of Belgrade for the Best Non-documentary Film of International Competition.