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Sektor Film is a production company which was established by the producer Vladimir Anastasov in 2002. The professional enthusiasm, which was the main driving force for establishing the company, has grown into an invaluable experience throughout our engagement in the field of film art.

We started as co-producers of the film LIKE A BAD DREAM directed by Antonio Mitrikevski. With the short film BUGS directed by Igor Ivanov we opened the doors of the Berlinale and we entered the official selection for short films in 2004. Then following phase included the development of the portfolio for our films which were co-produced by several European countries. We pride ourselves in our cooperation with Srgjan Dragojevik (THE PARADE, 2011), Juanita Wilson (AS IF I’M NOT THERE, 2010), Orhan Oğuz (HAYDE BRE, 2010) and Rajko Grlik (THE BORDER POST, 2005). These film projects have been shown at the most renowned world film festivals.

Our love for the film and the experience acquired encourage us to continue forward. We selflessly use and at the same time promote the unusual locations, natural beauties and urban landscapes in Macedonia. Our main goal is to complete our projects in the most professional manner. After ten years existence of Sektor Film, we still embark on every next project with the same passion.

The main approach that Sektor Film takes rests upon openness for cooperation, partnership and genuine ideas. Should you share the same approach, please contact us.

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